Caring, listening, including, and building: this is how we work. Our commitment to promoting the health and well-being of our people extends beyond our Family and workplace. This explains the meaning and purpose of our program 'For you, For your Loves, For the World', consisting of a set of projects, policies, and experiences for our people, their loved ones, and the world we live in.


With people at the center of everything we do, we strive to design the most meaningful and relevant experiences for our employees, while staying true to our culture and business priorities. Our goal is to support our Family members in achieving a healthy work-life balance and overall well-being, by offering various services and benefits such as remote work, flexible working hours, concierge services, inclusive permits, and financial assistance for caregiving.

The people at our headquarters in Italy benefit from flexible working hours, remote work options, a structured welfare program, time-saving concierge services, and a mind, body, and lifestyle program, all designed to facilitate time management and sustainable mobility.They also have access to a wide range of inclusive permits that cover: their medical checkups, personal needs, and the needs of their children and pets; people with certified disabilities who do not benefit from the permits provided by Italian law; people undergoing a gender transition; people undergoing an assisted reproduction treatment; and pregnancy loss, granting 5 paid days of leave to mothers in case of pregnancy loss in the first 5 months of gestation, and 2 paid days of leave to the co-parent. 


We are committed to giving our Family members the opportunity to make time for their loved ones, ensuring equal parental status for all families, financial assistance, extended time off for parental leave, and post-natal remote work opportunities according to local regulations.

We have several programs in place to support families and parents, including same sex parents bound by civil unions. The following are a few examples of the initiatives implemented in Italy. Golden Baby Bonus and Baby Born Kit: the former is a monetary bonus given to parents following the birth, adoption, or pre-adoption fostering of a child. The latter is a unique and special gift we designed for new parents to welcome the arrival of a newborn. Both initiatives are also available in EMEA and APAC. Golden Family Leave: another way we promote shared parenting is by offering time off to both parents, tailoring extensions and improvements according to local regulations.Golden Post-Natal Remote Working: within 12 months of a child's birth, the primary parent may resume work remotely for up to 6 continuous months, in line with business needs. 


We actively encourage our Family members to make a positive impact on our communities and the environment by promoting corporate volunteering during work hours, and by offering special paid permits for projects that benefit both society and the planet.

At our corporate offices in Italy, we have introduced Give Back Permits, corporate volunteering during working hours during work hours that allows employees to take up to 12 hours of paid leave, each year, to participate in individual or collective volunteering activities with various local entities on projects that benefit the environment and society, as a means for personal and professional growth while strengthening the bonds within the Golden Family. For projects that are longer or require more continuity, they can also utilize our special paid permits for a total of 10 business days per year. Our next step is to extend the initiative to our other Regions of operation.


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