Stories TAKING Center STAGE

Golden TV is a digital platform for new, engaging conversations with our community. It is a dynamic hub for content creation that blends a high-tech digital approach with the warmth of the human touch. Its focus is on empowering real people to share stories, starring them as the main characters of different series that celebrate authenticity, art, culture, sustainability, uniqueness, and craftsmanship, as well as their connection to the values, beliefs, history, and heritage of Golden Goose.


Golden TV is constantly evolving with new series, stories, and unique perspectives celebrating the core values shared by each main character and Golden Goose. Enjoy a glimpse into the Golden TV series so far, with more to come.

"Sketch Yourself" features interviews with renowned international artists as they customize Golden Goose products within their unique environments, ateliers, and workspaces. While expressing their creativity, they walk viewers through their personal stories, inspirations, and artistic styles. To celebrate each episode’s release, we host an in-store event with the respective artist, allowing our Brand Lovers to create younique pieces together.   

"Keep Onshares individual stories about small actions we can all take that can make a big impact. Staying true to our core values of innovation and sustainability, the series is an invitation for our community to Move Forward With Us and Keep On doing their part. 

"The Dreamers’ Way" tells the story of our community of Dreamers as we step into their lives, meet their surrounding communities, and ultimately discover what makes each of them a true dreamer. An authentic series that aims to inspire future generations by showing them that anything is possible if you keep on dreaming. 

"Cory’s Way" follows Olympic skateboarder Cory Juneau on a journey across multiple cities, offering viewers a unique insight into the skate culture around the world while getting to know the local communities that make those places epic.  

"What’s Your Talent" showcases the unique skills and vision of our beloved Golden Family members, giving viewers the opportunity to get to know them and discover more about their roles, stories, and teams. It’s an intimate glimpse into what it is like to be part of Golden Goose from an insider’s perspective.  

"The Golden Look" offers tips and insights into styling in Golden’s unique way. This series celebrates individuality, showcasing how to express oneself through sneakers, clothes, and accessories.

"From the Archive" dives deep into some of our most iconic shapes and the stories behind them. Our Golden Family take us on a journey of where we started and what’s next for Golden Goose.