We are a Family united by the same principles and values, one where everyone is made to feel welcome and free to express their authentic selves. We work hard to encourage motivation and support the development and growth of our people through training experiences and continuous cycles of performance evaluations, giving them the tools they need to develop their full potential.


The synergy between training, engagement, and communication at Golden creates a pool of opportunities for our people to grow together with the Company, enabling us to take care of everyone within a safe and inclusive work environment while respecting individuality and uniqueness. Every training experience is designed to amplify our people’s talents, embracing our heritage and building on our Founding Values.We like to combine training with collective experiences, conversations, and pulse surveys, and to mix digital gamification tools and personality assessments with workshops and coaching programs, all of which make the learning environment more dynamic and well-rounded. Our People Growth Strategy is based on four pillars: Culture, Leadership, Upskilling and Reskilling, and Sprint.

We organize internal events and training sessions to strengthen our culture and enhance our people’s sense of belonging and engagement, enabling them to better understand and represent our Founding Values.
We empower individual leadership styles by leveraging personal behavioral drivers identified through a modern digital talent solution, and by actively encouraging open conversations with peers to boost growth. We embrace imperfections as part of this journey, encouraging experimentation and innovation without fear of failure. 
Upskilling and Reskilling
Upskilling and Reskilling
We offer a collection of training programs designed to upskill and reskill our people, boost cross-fertilization between functions, and enrich our Family members’ experience.
To maximize our people’s growth and potential, we implement performance accelerator programs across the organization based on the outcomes of our talent review process.


Brand Immersion

A journey of discovery of Golden’s culture, strategy, milestones, and lifestyle, designed to raise both our corporate and retail people’s awareness of our founding principles. 

Golden Stars System 

A close look at our performance development system’s timing and goals, and how to properly perform self-observations, aimed at raising our people’s awareness of their conduct and behaviors, while developing empathy in giving and receiving feedback.

Diversity and Inclusion in a Nutshell

Consisting of a series of DEI key concepts and frameworks focusing on the business aspects of DEI within a company, the different nuances of diversity, power and privilege, and unconscious bias.


Individual Coaching 

A modern digital talent solution extended to all employees that unlocks performance and boosts self-awareness at work. 

Conversation Coaching Club 

Transformational group coaching program aimed at helping managers build a healthy foundation for effective communication, psychological safety, and growth opportunities. 

Leadership Awareness

An inspirational workshop for top managers and their respective reporting lines focused on building high-performing teams and on supporting our business strategy through a shared Golden leadership approach.


Golden Goose Evolution Group 

Designed to enhance managerial skills and fundamentals to enable meaningful connections, development, and engagement with team members, other departments, and the organization as a whole. The program empowers managers to 'Inspire everyone to be a Star' by unleashing their creativity and desire to outdo themselves, in line with Golden’s core values.

Golden Exchange

Temporary relocation within our Regional network aimed at accelerating performance by engaging in specific project work that contributes to business development and cross-cultural understanding. 


We embrace individual interests and passions as a means to strengthen and develop our people’s personal and professional skills. Our approach includes organizing dedicated moments with our Family members, such as Public Speaking and Storytelling courses in the most renowned schools, as well as our so-called Snackable Future training sessions delivering easy content on contemporary trends such as Blockchain, NFT, and the Metaverse