EXPRESS Yourself

Located in Bangkok (Thailand), the Younique Café concept is a luxury coffee retreat in which Dreamers are encouraged to savour life's finest things and unwind with friends. This innovative café concept elevates the coffee experience offering a blend of Italian tradition and global specialty.


Through the Younique Café, Golden Goose enters for the first time in the Food & Beverage sector, this major step represents an invitation to sharing, it is a moment to be savoured in your best company, it is the building of a community of Younique people and minds, and it is mainly our way of being able to stay always in contact with Dreamers all over the world. 

Younique starts from You. Who you are, how you feel, what you love. It is an evolving reality, where you are invited to discover new flavours, express your creativity, and share your emotions. Younique is a community, a space that treasures the unexpected, where curiosities and special surprises unfold in every corner: hidden messages, product culture, and the excitement of self-expression. It is where everyday life can be switched up to a special moment. 

With the Café, Golden adds a new flavour to the meaning of Co-Creation, which keeps growing, not only on Golden Goose products, but now also on icons of the Italian culinary culture. Here, you can Co-Create your iconic Golden cup with printed messages that express your emotions. 

Beyond culinary offerings, the Golden Goose store next-door also features an area dedicated to the Co-Creation, an exclusive one-to-one personalization experience with the Dream Makers.