BEAUTY IN Imperfection

Uniqueness, craftsmanship, and a lived-in soul are the iconic features of our creations and our heritage. We embrace an idea of style made of opposites, one that celebrates individuality and creativity – self-expression at its finest. 


Our journey has been inspired by memorable places that capture our soul and embody who we are. But truth be told, we like the world at large. Our journey does not end when we go home. That’s just the beginning. 


The place where it all began and where everything always comes back to, Venice was the first to inspire us and help shape our identity. Every street in Venice is a living chapter of a novel capable of telling a story unlike any other. Venice is where our first collections were born and the first place we called home. From there, we have traveled the world, taking inspiration from everywhere we went.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is where we discovered the energy of skating and the tropes of American culture. It’s where calm and restraint meet a wild and carefree attitude, opposites blending seamlessly into a cohesive vision, inspiring the creation of our visual language made of diverse perspectives and movements. Our very first sneaker, the Super-star, was born there, in 2007, while observing skaters and their worn-down sneakers, roughed up by endless attempts at tricks.  


Tokyo is the place known for its outrageous style and distinctive trends. We are in love with this frenetic melting pot of American vintage style and street culture, with this unique laboratory of futuristic ways of being. It’s the perfect city where our passions meet attention to detail and a millennia-old craftsmanship culture. 



We create items meant to last forever and become iconic, pouring our heart and soul into reinterpreting the past to create authentic designs that resonate with our customers. It’s the authenticity in our creations that makes them truly unique and sets us apart. We find beauty in imperfection, in the nuances and subtleties that give things a life of their own, and believe that every imperfection is there to remind us of the unique journey and inner strength behind everything and everyone.  


Passion for research has always been our main source of inspiration. We love to reinterpret the past to create authentic pieces. Through every treatment, etching, or embellishment, each of our garments tells a story that has already been lived even before being worn. We want that story to become our customers’ story, and we want them to write the best of it with their own travels and passions. With their life.  


We embrace an idea of style made of clashes and contrasts, one that celebrates individuality and encourages everyone to express themselves through pieces of their wardrobe full of memories and history. This is the same philosophy behind our own wardrobe, which is full of timeless pieces whose value lies not only in their present appeal, but also in their ability to be combined season after season, regardless of the season, standing the test of time.  


Craftsmanship lies at the heart of our brand. Our garments are deeply rooted in tradition and meticulously handcrafted in Italy, where we work side-by-side with local craftsmen who demand perfection, and with whom we create the perfect synergy to enhance the uniqueness of every single detail, together. And that’s when the magic happens, turning each detail into a story to be told, giving shape to a novel waiting to unfold.