We want to shape a brighter future for the next generations while remaining true to our heritage. We want to enable everyone we meet on our journey to share their hopes and ideas. We might not have all the answers, but what matters most is to move forward, towards positive change. That’s how we make our dreams come true. That’s who we are.



Since 2021, we have been conducting a periodical materiality analysis to identify and prioritize the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues most relevant to our business and our stakeholders.  The process entails actively engaging our stakeholders, which gives us valuable insight into their perspectives and allows us to keep up with industry and regulatory changes and align our priorities with emerging trendsThe analysis helps us determine our sustainability priorities and objectives for the years to come, and therefore enhance the integration of sustainability into governance model and overall business strategy. A set of governance tools – from the Code of Ethics to several policies and guidelines that translate our values and principles into practice – supports us in this process, ensuring ethical and responsible behavior among our people and transparency in everything we do.