Our people value proposition, 'Inspiring everyone to be a Dreamer', is at the heart of our holistic people management model, which provides a cohesive framework built on our shared Founding Values that we apply consistently in all aspects of talent management.People are our Company's greatest wealth and the driving force behind its success, and we’ve made it our mission to encourage everyone to reveal their inner star by unleashing their creativity and desire to outdo themselves. 


We include and make everyone feel welcome in our house. We take care of everyone.
We approach what we do with positive energy. We engage and support each other with optimism and self-confidence. We like smiling, we look for solutions, we help each other, we are supportive, we build, we take responsibility.
We truly engage in our internal and external relationships. We listen, we integrate diversity, we enable, we empower, we promote.
A value intrinsic to our people, products, network, communication, and behavior. Excellence is our obsession. We are devoted to detail with passion, commitment, and accuracy.
We encourage a culture of success and support result-oriented mindsets. We celebrate outstanding individual and team achievements. We include, we learn, we support with ethics, we measure, we reward.


Our purpose is to build high-performing teams who believe in and live by our Founding Values and harness them to scale the business. Guided by three key pillars – culture, performance, and scalability – we shape our business environment by implementing a human approach that puts our people and their positive energy at the very core of shared value creation. The strength of kindness, the value of dreams, and the power of change set our people strategy apart, making it truly unique and empowering.


75 nationalities 1,692 employees +47% in number of employees vs 2022 62% women employees 56% retail employees  

As at 31 December 2023


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