Respect, kindness, transparency, and ethics are intrinsic to our way of doing things. We are grounded in a clear corporate governance structure, which is at the foundation of all our activities, dreams and commitments. This allows us to be bold as we focus on shaping our future, while always acting fairly and engaging in the creation and distribution of shared and long-lasting value for ourselves, our stakeholders, and the world at large.  


Our organizational model has been adapted to create a structure that is easily scalable and able to support our growth and international expansion while sustaining our continuous improvement. As part of this ongoing effort, we are optimizing the effectiveness of our governance by strengthening our policies, procedures and processes, to ensure our adaptability to an ever-changing business environment.


Our pursuit of an increasingly integrated sustainability management approach has led us to develop a robust governance model that relies on the collaboration and interaction between different roles, starting at Board level, extending to all managerial levels, and reaching all our people and beyond, to our wider Golden community. To support the Board of Directors and facilitate the process of education, dissemination, and awareness related to sustainability and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion matters, an external spokesperson is invited once a year to attend a meeting with the Board itself.



Our Code of Ethics sets out the values, principles, and rules of conduct that guide us in the way we conduct our business and interact with our internal and external stakeholders. All our Golden people and suppliers are committed to observing the principles of the Code, in compliance with local laws and regulations and with respect for the norms of the international community. It should be noted that we require our Code Recipients to comply with ethical standards and principles of conduct that may be more restrictive than the mandatory laws of some countries. We have also set up a whistleblowing channel that enables all Golden stakeholders to report any violations of the Code of Ethics, fully protecting the Recipients of the Code from any kind of retaliation when reporting a concern in good faith.  


Our Golden Integrity Line is available 24/7 Reports may be anonymous, when allowed by law and handled in accordance with our Whistleblowing Policy. 

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