Golden Goose is one of the fastest growing and most distinctive luxury fashion brands in the industry. Widely recognized as the creators of the luxury sneakers category, we continue to be a true disruptor in a large and attractive market. Constantly inspired by a powerful mission, we consistently deliver solid best-in-class financial results.

NextGen brand playing at the intersection of luxury and sportwear

Approximately 85% of sales from GEN Z and Y.

Perfect mix of iconicity and innovation

2 product icons. Approximately 20 permanent silhouettes.

2 new product launches per year.

Experiential direct-to-consumer and marketing approach
Co-Creation available in the entire store network and online.
Vertically integrated Italian craftmanship

100% of sneakers are handmade-in-Italy.

Approximately 50% of sneakers production capacity in-house.

Strong bond of growth, profitability and cash generation

33% Adjusted EBITDA margin between 2021-2023.

Proven easy-to-scale profitable growth formula

37% Store EBITDA margin (pre-IFRS).

Innately responsible, with a sustainability strategy deeply rooted in the business

5 Forward Stores worldwide with dedicated services to promote circularity.

Entrepreneurial management team and people centric organisation

Key executives are shareholders.

As at 31 December 2023