Taking inspiration from different cultures worldwide, HAUS of Dreamers consists of a series of global events that bring the physical experience of HAUS from Venice to key destinations around the world, featuring select artists whose works and visions reflect our values.


Our latest HAUS of Dreamers event has been held during the HAUS Week in April 2024 in Marghera (Venice, Italy), the birthplace of Golden Goose and where everything started. HAUS of Dreamers brought together four world-class multifaceted artists from different fields: Argentinian visual artist Andrés Reisinger, Italian sculptor Fabio Viale, French-Italian painter Maïa Régis, and Puerto Rican-American singer Mia Lailani. The Dreamers crafted unique performances and experiences for the guests to take part. Collaborating closely with artists, artisans, and members of the local community, HAUS aims at giving back to the territory while fostering intercultural dialogue.


On October 2, 2023, we held our second HAUS of Dreamers event, which brought our sense of community, our stories, and values to Paris, where we celebrated youth, unity, and freedom of expression. Wrapped in The City of Lights’ vibrant and powerful beauty, the event intertwined our skate soul with the local culture, bonded by a desire for like-minded togetherness. An experience casting a spotlight on what inspires us each and every day: real people and their vision of creativity and life.


Our first-ever HAUS of Dreamers event took place in Venice, on May 22, 2023 and was brought to life by five world-class multifaceted artists from different fields - Fabio Novembre, Italian architect and designer; Quannah Chasinghorse, Native American land protector and model; Dr. Woo, tattoo artist; Suki Waterhouse, actress and singer; and SUNMI, K-pop artist. Our Dreamers were asked to reinterpret classic Venetian icons by crafting immersive experiences for the community. The event marked the beginning of a cultural dialogue between past, present, and future, immortalized in physical form through the exclusive products Dreamed By each artist, available in select stores worldwide.