HAUS has been conceived to be a creative incubator for Golden’s continuous dialogue with art, craft, and culture, where they can find their full expression and be celebrated always in the making. Constantly evolving, HAUS nurtures talent in diverse ways, encompassing a physical hub, a series of global events, and a multicultural platform for international artists. Together, we aim to explore new perspectives while preserving our heritage.

Exhibition area and artistic residency for emerging international artists.
Academy for the training of artisans and future generation of creatives, featuring with a Manovia, an area dedicated to repairing and innovating our products.
Archive, Library and Auditorium to inspire people and unleash their creativity.


In May 2023, Golden launched HAUS of Dreamers, a series of worldwide events to bring the physical experience of HAUS around the globe. In April 2024, we opened to the public for the first time our HAUS, in Marghera (Venice, Italy). Collaborating closely with artists, artisans, and members of the local community. HAUS brings together creatives of different disciplines, identities, and backgrounds, and aims at giving back to the territory while fostering intercultural dialogue. 

Created by dreaming of a place where a new guild of artists and craftsmen can find inspiration and create without restrictions, HAUS is a place where dreams take shape and creativity knows no bounds.