HAUS, a new home for our community of Dreamers, opened its door in April 2024 with a unique and immersive series of experiences and events. HAUS lays its roots in Marghera (Venice, Italy), the birthplace of Golden. This immersive phygital space embodies our DNA, spotlighting our core values through crafts, culture, and art. HAUS has been conceived to be a place of reinvention, where skills will be shared and passed down from one generation to the next, and that unites creatives of multiple disciplines and backgrounds.


HAUS is a global cultural platform mixing exhibition space and artistic residency, Manovia and academy. HAUS is a place where art, craft and culture are celebrated always in the making. HAUS hosts a Piazza, an Archive, a Manovia, a Library, an Auditorium, and an Exhibition Area, all created to share our culture and heritage with every dreamer out there, while enabling visitors to unleash their creativity and take a deep dive into the Golden universe.

Piazza: The Piazza embodies the essence of community, it is our gathering place to meet. A space where every dreamer is welcome. 

Manovia: An artisanal laboratory that represents our craftmanship identity. It is a space dedicated to product innovation and repairing, extending the lifetime of Golden items, and beyond. In this production line, there will be a permanent demonstration of how to build our sneakers and how to Co-Create them to make them even more unique.

Academy: A multidisciplinary project, a space that welcomes a creative hub open to all. It aims at amplifying skills and knowledge while promoting curiosity, research and personal development through artisanal, artistic and design disciplines. Its courses and workshops are designed to bring the best out of all, elevating their skills and knowledge with a cross-contamination of cultural passions.An essential aspect of the Academy is cultivating craftsmanship and Co-Creation, inspiring Dream Makers to seek their inner artist in their work. As for Junior Cobblers, a transformative course awaits, specifically tailored for those emerging from artisan training—the delicate art of repair will continue to live on through them. In the Golden Goose Academy dreams are not just crafted; they are formed, nurtured, and become a reality.

Playground: A cultural hub designed to host a wide range of interests and activities. It serves as a space for discussions on fashion, design, art, and cinema, resulting in an immersive audiovisual experience which offers a unique combination of intellectual engagement and entertainment. This environment, designed as a homage to creativity and playfulness, is the ideal setting for stimulating conversations and immersive encounters.

Immersive Tunnel: Developed to represent an evocative journey through the essence of Golden Goose at HAUS Marghera. Step after step, one dives deeper into the heart of our DNA as we go from Dreamer to Dreamers, each one showing a glimpse of our brand story and values.

Hangar: An industrial open space dedicated to live performances, skateboarding, and much more. Its concrete and metal aesthetic are reminiscent of Marghera’s industrial port while the star flag is an ode to the legacy of the brand- the Hanger reflects our open perspective of values and identity. It is the space of Golden where everything began and now it is home to a world-class exposition space where art becomes an experience to live and feel – the heart of our headquarters.

Archive: Inside this little house dreamers can discover tangible pieces of our history to present the legacy of Golden Goose through an extensive anthology of product prototypes, archival materials, and memories collected all around the world. 

Shop: A curated space showcasing a collection of tangible memories from HAUS Marghera. Each item is a keepsake of the energy and creativity of the space, allowing customers to take a piece of the HAUS experience home with them. The area will showcase limited-edition items to keep dreaming in daily life. 

Bar: A sensory experience to unwind, chat, and connect with other dreamers. Surrounded by a hydroponic installation with flourishing coffee plants, underscoring our dedication to freshness, and innovation. It is a place to soak up the atmosphere and let the energy HAUS take over.