Golden Goose’s 2023 Sustainability Report

Apr 22, 2024
On 2024 Earth Day, we are proud to share with you, for the third year in a row, the Diary of our responsible journey, drafted on a voluntary basis and serving as a testament to our dedication and transparency.
2023 has been a year of consolidation for Golden, as we stayed true to our commitments while setting the stage for future evolution through our sustainability roadmap. Driven by the desire to keep going, we have turned our promises and dreams into reality and embraced challenges while continuing to learn and grow. Following the guiding principles of our sustainability plan, the Forward Agenda, we have delivered cutting-edge projects and innovative ideas to really make a difference. For us it is not just about making high-quality products that respect the planet, it is also about adopting a way of life that is responsible and able to unleash the values of the Golden community. Discover more about our commitment in our Sustainability section.


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