Rudy Comazzetto

Chief Merchandising Officer - Milan
“When I first joined Golden Goose, I realized my dream had literally come true. I found a company in which I could see myself, also from a human perspective".
At Golden, we create items that already carry a story within them, to be enriched and continued by their future owners. This is what we call our lived-in signature. But this philosophy of ours doesn’t apply to products only. It’s a state of mind, it’s part of our roots and soul. Because lived-in is a value for us. It means recognizing your past, accepting it, and loving it. Because your past makes you who you are, giving you your own uniqueness. Every memory becomes something to treasure forever – like that scratch I got on my favorite Golden sneakers while climbing a Greek hill with my family to admire a beautiful sunset. Lived-in is all this. It’s loving who you are – and loving being younique.