Luisa Benigno

CEO Calzaturificio Sirio - Naples
"We have many values in common with Golden Goose. I think that’s what makes our relationship with them so gratifying and unique. Like the art of craftsmanship, in which we both believe passionately".
Calzaturificio Sirio is driven by a profound passion for the art of craftsmanship, which we’ve turned into our pillar. We take pride in the human touch we infuse into every product we create. That, for us, is the true added value. That, along with being an open-minded reality that believes in the younger generations and in enabling them to preserve our precious artisanal heritage – the Made in Italy know-how, a value that we all need to protect with passion. Another thing that we share with Golden is the unconditional love for togetherness. Golden is truly unique in that. It’s more than fashion: it’s a way of life that resonates deeply with us at Calzaturificio Sirio.