Juliette Zhu

Sneakers Maker Lead - Shanghai
"My journey in Golden has been one-of-a-kind, different, and creative – exactly like myself. I always feel enabled to express my ideas and thoughts with no judgment or prejudice from others".



My journey in Golden has been one-of-a-kind and still feels like day one, when I suddenly found myself sitting on a plane to Milan. The energy Golden gives you, the energy you breathe, is really unique. I was a gallerist and I found myself joining the Golden Goose APAC team of Sneaker Makers with no previous working experience in retail. But Golden didn’t care – they were interested in my creativity, in my sensibility when it comes to seizing the different facets of the world and translating them into unique creations. 

Now I’m the APAC Sneaker Maker Lead and my job couldn’t be more about self-expression. But this value of Golden doesn’t only relate to art and creativity – it’s also a matter of inviting everybody to speak up and share their ideas and opinions. And to me, this is freedom.