Ella Rose Phillips

CRM Specialist - Milan
“Golden Goose really struck me as a serious company, yet with a familiar and inclusive approach. Even during my first talks with Human Resources, I understood that they were interested in me as a person, not only in my professional skills."
From my very first day at Golden Goose’s Milan headquarters, I was impressed by how international the company felt, constantly seeking a constructive dialogue between different cultures. As a British national working in Italy for several years, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I immediately found Golden Goose to be an inclusive and welcoming environment where I am always invited to bring my contribution to the table. Everyone is encouraged to speak up during important meetings, regardless of age or seniority, and I have the chance to be at the very heart of many of the company’s decisions. A good example of this is the G Generation: an initiative for the company’s youngest employees to develop new projects. There is a great sense of collaboration at Golden, where we support each other even when all teams are at full stretch, creating a stimulating environment with a comprehensive understanding of the company’s goals. This inclusivity makes me feel as though I’m part of growing and driving the company forward, and it’s why here at Golden Goose I really feel at home.