Golden Goose celebrates the Padel community

Dec 04, 2023

On December 4th, Golden marked its entry into the Padel universe with the unveiling of Atlante Arena, the new Padel Pa​vilion in the heart of Citylife, Milan. In collaboration with Padel pioneers Demetrio Albertini and Lorenzo Alfieri of City Padel Milano, we introduced the STAR line, a unique collection for Padel enthusiasts

The Atlante Arena, set to open in the last quarter of 2024, will include cutting-edge facilities such as 6 indoor courts, 1 indoor PRO court, and 2 vintage-style outdoor courts. The Pavilion will offer a holistic Padel journey with customizable STAR ready-to-wear and sneakers, exclusive equipment, and a one-of-a-kind Co- Creation experience.

The Pavilion's digital area will encourage a vibrant community both on and off the court by partnering with WeSmash, a Padel-Centric App. Beyond sports, the area will include goods for health, self-care, beauty, and sustainability-focused products, as well as performance-enhancing food. While an outdoor area will give space to post-game gatherings and themed events, offering diverse culinary experiences.

Designed by Novembre Studio, the Pavilion reflects innovation and architectural excellence, symbolizing a global expansion initiative. Beyond sports, we strive to bring communities together and welcome Padel's worldwide champions into our Family.

To celebrate the project, Padel stars Juan Lebron, Arturo Coello, Ariana Sanchez, Gemma Triay, and more attended an exclusive Padel-themed dinner and Co-Creation experience at Golden Goose HQ, Marelli 10, Milan.


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